Monday, May 31, 2010

A Crime to Be Rich by David Snowdon

Veteran City banker, Shane Turnbull was a Successful senior fund manager at a major Investment Bank. And he had it all. A brilliant career, a healthy bank balance and an exhilarating life.

But an unsolicited phone call was to change his life forever. And from the moment he received that phone call, things were never the same.

All of a sudden, Turnbull was the hunted, the hunter and then the hunted all over again.

And from now on, Turnbull would stop at nothing to fight his way out of the deplorable double dilemma that was turning his life into an interminable nightmare.

Set in London, Miami and Trinidad, Snowdon gives an insight into the hectic, lucrative world of investment banking.

My take:
Snowdon offers an interesting perspective to this story. The book is told first person. Shane commits crimes and justifies each of them. He has no morals, ethics, and stands for nothing but money and himself. 

There is an underlying theme, as well; redemption. At any time, Shane can be redeemed but he chooses not to. Instead he digs his hole deeper. 

From the first page the reader is drawn in with the anonymous phone call, spying, and the accidental murder of his wife. In an effort to cover his crimes, he will do anything without having to pay off blackmailers.

This is a quick read and entertaining. I didn't love the story and I certainly didn't love Shane Turnbull, although I don't think I was supposed to. He's caught up in things I don't relate to. I did enjoy the British English writing, though. It may be distracting for some but I really enjoyed that aspect of it.

3 out of 5 stars

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I love stories with redemption.