Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Devlin Diary by Christi Phillips

With echos of "Angels and Demons" meets "Outlander," this book provides an engaging read from start to finish. Claire arrives at Cambridge to all the commodities allowed fellowes without officially being as such. Finding her love interest, Andrew, a fellow professor, aloof, she finds herself snogging with another professor. Awkward. Then he steals her publishing idea and accuses her of coming on to him. Really awkward. And then he dies. Extremely awkward. Small college equals lots of gossip.

Claire and Andrew then decipher the coded page found on the jerk's body and find it is from a diary written by a woman doctor in the seventeenth century. The hope is they will solve the mystery of who killed the narcissistic professor.

Story 2 is Hannah Devlin, non-accredited physician who is called to Charles Stuart II's court to treat his mistress for the clap, of which he gave her. She doesn't die but others around her do. Not only that, but a new doctor is called in to do post mortem exams. The bodies are maimed and marked with symbols. Edward, the doctor, and Hannah, the protagonist, go about trying to solve the mystery of why there is a serial murderer about the streets of London and what are they going to do about their mutual attraction?

*Spoiler alert*
If you are sensitive about sex scenes, don't read any of the "Outlander" books.

Also, skip pg. 337 - 339.

Besides the setting being in Charles Stuart II time period, for which the best comparison would be the 1960's and anything goes, the book is quite clean. Oh, and the above mentioned pages.

The author ties the two stories together quite seamlessly then clarifies fact from fiction at the end of the book.

Loved it.

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