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The Secret Speech by Tom Rob Smith Review and GIVEAWAY

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Enough about me, what about "The Secret Speech"?

The beginning of the book finds Leo Demidov doing his duty which is to seek out political dissidents and extract confessions at all costs. Leo works for the secret police under Stalin's regime. He is a man of duty rather than sentiment.

Fast forward 7 years and Leo is now living a world of domestic tranquility. His conscience, at one time or another, nagged him and he quit the business of tattle tale and began a new career path as homicide detective. His goal is to find and punish the guilty rather than the innocent he sent to the Gulags.

Leo finds himself investigating suicides of former colleagues and the recipient of a secret speech by the new president of Russia, denouncing Stalin and the crimes of those who worked under him (including the secret police). The story takes some unexpected twists and turns as it introduces characters whose ultimate goal is revenge and power.

The book kept me engaged and never expecting the next story shift but appreciating it, nonetheless. Very enjoyable read.

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