Monday, June 14, 2010

Help! For Parents by Anthony LaPray Review and Giveaway!

Parenting doesn't have to be an ordeal. Reading doesn't have to be an ordeal. Those two beliefs make Help! For Parents different from any parenting book written.  Written in layman's terms, this book was published in order to better reach Dr. LaPray's clients. As a practicing psychologist (now retired) of 37 years, Dr. LaPray knew that parenting could be an enjoyable journey and consistency and positive feedback were key. 

While psychology students were studying their buried id or superego in the philosophies of Freud, Dr. LaPray was studying the cutting edge ideas of B. F. Skinner and developing a cognitive behavior approach to parenting (albeit through the experimental lab rats and mazes). While parents were reading how to care for babies by revolutionary Dr. Spock, Dr. LaPray was setting up reward systems based on poker chips and candy bars for his own 5 children and working as a pioneer in the new Head Start program.

My take

This book is an easy read with sound advice. Dr. LaPray advocates time-out, consistency, and basic troubleshooting of parenting. This book should sit on the shelf within arms reach for every parent of a toddler or teenager (same basic mentality). 

Are you a mom, dad, grandparent, aunt or uncle? Do you want a nudge in the right direction? Here's your chance for a copy of this book! Two lucky readers will get a FREE copy!

Rules -

1. Leave a comment with your email.
2. Include parenting advice given to you - good or bad.
3. Open to my friends in AFRICA and AUSTRALIA (and anyplace else that won't break the bank for me to send it).
4. Contest ends June 28th. HURRY!



CountessLaurie said...

Bad parenting advice - it seemed like everything my pediatrician said was contradicted by someone. But I decided early that if I trusted my pedi (which I did) then I should only listen to her. So far so good.

l.moore. (at)

Mystee said...

Bad misconception in parenting....ADHD and ADD aren't's just parents not wanting to take responsibility and time with their children {{unfortunately those were, at one time, my own words....when I finally gave in, I see a difference in grades and behavior and socialization--I have 2 ADHD/ODD and one with nothing other than a pre-teen attitude}}.


Shonda said...

I love parenting books.

Shonda said...

Parenting advice-It's ok to let them cry. Develop a consistent routine.

silverhartgirl said...

i am a mom and would love this
silverhartgirl at

Linda Kish said...

Bad advice for a kid with ADHD, OCD and Asperger's...let them cry it out. That just escalated all of his problems.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Diana D said...

Treat others and you wish to be treated was good advice from my parents. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

dianad8008 AT gmail DOT com

lotus82 said...

I am a single mother of the best advice I have gotten is to "truly listen" and "be involved" these are two of the most important things that has kept me sane over the years, and lets me feel that I really have a hand on things.

Ginny said...

Why I'm blanking on this question, I'm sure I had tons of advice. The biggest thing I guess would be the crying through the night. Oh & my mom does not believe in any type of punishment for kids, totally not a good way to parent IMO.

Marilu said...

Not sure if I can enter this one or not. But I will try and if you can't send to Canada that's ok, at least I!

I am the mother of an almost 12 year old and a 19 month old. I could really use this book! Please enter me!

lovemykidsandbooks AT gmail DOT com

Marilu said...
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Marilu said...

I just got some bad parenting advise today! (or at least I thought it was bad, some may disagree).

My 19 month old son has recently started biting me once in a while. He does this when he gets really excited, and I don't think he realizes it hurts, and do not believe that his intention is to hurt me. (he doesn't speak yet,and only does it when very excited )
I was told to BITE HIM!! to me that was some bad advice.

lovemykidsandbooks AT gmail DOT com