Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Max Lucado's Hermie and Who Is In Charge, Anyway?

Not surprisingly, Max Lucado has tapped into his connection with children and their relationship with God. Animated characters feel insignificant and wallow in their shortcomings. One little guy is just stinky. Eventually, it is revealed that all of God's creatures and creations are made on purpose. God tells one of the little insects who is feeling quite outcast that He (God) does not make any mistakes and that each of us is created for a special purpose. God tells him that it doesn’t matter what other people think, only what God thinks about us.

Reminiscent of Veggie Tales except the story does not retell a biblical story but reiterates Jesus Christ's teachings and mission on earth. The stories are short and perfect for a younger audience.

I always love a good Max Lucado inspiration in any form.

This DVD was provided by Thomas Nelson Group for review. Although DVD was provided at no cost to me, I am not required to provide a positive review, only an honest review.

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Riahli said...

This looks like a good one, I think my kids would really like it as they love Veggie Tales. :)