Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Before My Heart Stops by Paul Cardall

Although my book blog is relatively young, I began blogging over two years ago.  I didn't have a clue what I was doing but I found a few people who have changed my life irrevocably.  One is the author of http://mytricuspidatresia.blogspot.com.  Try saying that one three times.

Paul Cardall is a gifted musician.  He is also the son of a local news personality, Duane Cardall. Paul was born with half of a heart.  As a young boy, he was given a second chance at life through a surgery that altered his current heart.  It was successful in that it gave him another nearly 30 years to develop himself and his music.

One day I stumbled upon his blog and was immediately hooked.  I looked forward to his posts because he reminded me, time and time again, who I am; a divine daughter of a loving Heavenly Father who loves me.

Paul's heart took a turn for the worst.  He was dying.  His parents knew that within the upcoming year, their family would be smaller with the death of a son.  That day came in June 2009 in an ironic twist of fate.  It was not Paul who died, but his little brother, Brian.

At this time, Paul's heart was at the end of its life.  He was admitted to Primary Children's Hospital (although he was in his late 30's by this time, it was where he had been treated previously).  His pallor was pasty yet translucent with a bluish tint.  The videos filed at that time capitalized on his love for his three year old daughter, Eden.  But it was difficult to miss Paul's skeletal form or the struggle he had speaking for any period of time, even on oxygen.  My heart broke as the camera panned to his father, haggard and defeated.

Every post Paul wrote was beautifully articulated as he shared his devotion to his Savior and gave his will to Him.  He was saying goodbye.

I couldn't stand it.  I couldn't stand crying over my dear friend and his family.  Just to clarify, when I say "dear friend," I mean it in a stalking way.  The Cardall's haven't a clue of my existence which suited me just fine.

Naturally, I want you, the reader, to embark on the emotional and spiritually uplifting journey I took.  Read the blog, particularly paying close attention to summer 2009.  Absolutely beautiful, stunning, and life-changing prose.  He knew he had weeks, perhaps only days, to live.  He used the time he had to reach as many as he could through sharing his testimony.  Also, on the left side of the blog you can play his piano music.

Finally, on September 10, 2009, his dear wife, Lynette posted the news. After a full year on the transplant list, Paul Cardall got a new heart. 

As the first anniversary approaches on Paul's new life, I want to introduce you to Paul Cardall through his blog (previously mentioned), his music, and his story. His memoir will be in stores in September.

I don't have a review to give. I don't have the book to review. But I will give you the introduction to this remarkable story because I love it.

And I hate to cry alone.

It's just plain embarrassing and a little unbecoming.

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