Friday, February 11, 2011

Death of a Chimney Sweep GIVEAWAY!

In the south of Scotland, residents get their chimneys vacuum-cleaned. But in the isolated villages in the very north of Scotland, the villagers rely on the services of the itinerant sweep, Pete Ray, and his old-fashioned brushes. Pete is always able to find work in the Scottish highlands, until one day when Police Constable Hamish Macbeth notices blood dripping onto the floor of a villager's fireplace, and a dead body stuffed inside the chimney. The entire town of Lochdubh is certain Pete is the culprit, but Hamish doesn't believe that the affable chimney sweep is capable of committing murder. Then Pete's body is found on the Scottish moors, and the mystery deepens. Once again, it's up to Hamish to discover who's responsible for the dirty deed--and this time, the murderer may be closer than he realizes.

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U.S. or Canada
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Ends March 5!


Ivy said...

I adore Hamish and Agatha Raisin is a hoot. Have you ever read the Edwardian series she writes as Marion Chesney?
I love the Georgies by Rhys Bowen too...loves my cozies.

Ivy said...

sorry 'bout that...

Ms. Dawn said...

I can't help but picture Dick Van Dyke (from Mary Poppins)...the only Chimney Sweep I've ever "known"! Chim-Chim-aney, Chim-Chim-aney, Chim-Chim-Charoo....

nowakoski at sbc global dot net

Karla said...

I'm very fond of Hamish
karlatrx AT gmail DOT com

clenna said...

It soundsl like the chimney sweep was sweepimg away evidence until he got 'swept' away!

clenna at aol dot com

CountessLaurie said...

My husband's cousin is a chimney sweep. True story.

Maybe I will read this around him - just to make him nervous.

l.moore.j at
(annoying husbands since 2000)

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

I have a chimney in my cottage--may never look at that chimney the same after reading this book.

Will have to check out M.C. Beaton's website.

Tracy :)

Theresa N. said...

I have a huge crush on Hamish, can't wait to read what the dear man is up to now.
Theresa N

Sarah E said...

I look forward to reading Hamish's latest adventure!

bookloversarah at yahoo dot com

Sarah E

Laura H. said...

Heck, I didn't know you could get your chimneys "vacuum-cleaned". I thought they were always "sweeped".


melydia said...

I like your reviews, but I don't follow because land's sakes, I can't keep up with all my RSS feeds. So I just pop over whenever I can and catch up. :)