Friday, February 4, 2011

How Sweet It Is by Sophie Gunn Review and GIVEAWAY

How Sweet It isHow Sweet It is by Sophie Gunn

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Single mom Lizzie Bea Carpenter learned long ago that no white knight was coming to save her. A hardworking waitress at the local diner, she's raising her daughter to be like the independent women in her "Enemy Club"—high school rivals turned best friends, promising to always tell each other the whole truth and nothing but!

Yet part of Lizzie wishes she did have a man's help, just for small stuff, like fixing up the house. Her fairy godmother must have been listening, because Dante "Tay" Giovanni soon appears. He's sexy, kind, and offering assistance—no strings attached.

Slowly, steadily, Lizzie's heart opens. But the grip of the past is fierce, and nothing in life is ever really free. Tay has his own tragedies to overcome, but if he can, he'll fix more than Lizzie's home. He'll show her just how sweet it is to be loved by him.

My Take: This is a sweet story of healing from the past, righting wrongs or accepting what can't be changed.

What I liked

Message of the story - forgiveness is not necessarily granted but it is possible to forgive yourself and move forward. Not everything revolves around the person who made the mistake. People have lives and their own crap to wade through. Concentrate on yourself and how to serve others.

Character development - of the main characters; Lizzie, Tay, and Paige. They were likeable characters with flaws and strengths. No big surprises and fairly even - keeled. The rest of the characters landed in a pile of nebulous non-people for me. Nobody really stuck but that will be reconciled with further books exploring the lives and challenges of the other ladies in Lizzie's group.

Readability - Easy, enjoyable read.

What I didn't like

The ending - can't say much about that. Except that it has something to do with $200,000. I realize money can't buy happiness but it does give a certain piece of mind.

For more info on Sopie Gunn and How Sweet It Is, go to her website.

Want I?  Thanks to Anna at Hatchette Book Group, I have 3 copies to offer.

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