Monday, May 30, 2011

Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini


From Goodreads:  Paranormal gets a Greek twist. Helen Hamilton has always known she’s different from the other teens on tiny Nantucket, but it’s not until Lucas Delos moves to town that she realizes they are both Scions--descendants of Greek gods--and that their two families have for centuries been engaged in a deadly blood feud. As Lucas teaches Helen to use her powers, which include flying, controlling lightning, and an immunity to weapons, the two grow ever closer--but can never be together until they find a way around the curse that’s destined to keep them apart.

My Take:  So I was expecting a little bit of Romeo and Juliet and got a whole lot of Greek mythology that I didn't hate like I did in A.P. English.  So glad.  

So like Percy Jackson, Helen is a product of a coupling of human and god.  I've said it before and I'll say it again - Do not copulate with a god.  Or fairies.  It just makes everything complicated for the child and is a breeding ground for a Greek tragedy.  So Helen didn't know she was a demi-god, she just knew she was good at a lot of things.  In fact, some things that she doesn't admit to anybody during the book which is probably a really good thing.  

So there is in-fighting and the demi-gods form clans or exclusive clubs and try to kill off all the other children of other gods and what is left is one family only.  At least that's what they think until they move to Nantucket and find Helen.  When demi-gods of other gods try to hook up, the 3 furies - the old, creepy, chanting ladies start a small riot and incite the demi-gods to try to kill each other.  So the product of Zeus and me and Apollo and you will fight worse than our own children.  They break things, fly off occasionally, and make holes in cement.  

Unless there is some kind of a bonding issue that occurs when the two nearly die or something.  

There is a common antagonist who comes in the form of Lucas' cousin.  He's a wild card and discovers where the family are living (they are trying to get out of the killing business) and runs across Helen who bears a striking resemblance to Helen of Troy.  Oh, and Lucas takes after some guy named Paris.  Wow.  This is looking bad.  Especially when those who do not learn from Greek tragedies are doomed to repeat them.  

It ends in a cliff hanger.  I can't wait for the next installment.  I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

4 stars
Mostly clean read
Lot of violence

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Evie said...

"Do not copulate with a god" Hahah, you're hilarious! :) I loved your review, thanks! Now I am certain: I have to get this book! :)