Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tunnel Vision Susan Shaw Character Interview

The {Teen} Book Scene is sponsoring the book tour this week and next for Susan Shaw's Tunnel Vision. Today's feature is an interview with the protagonist's father who finds himself trying to hide his daughter in a witness protection program and then FROM a witness protection program:


1. What was the most frightening part of being on the run and why?  
It was the not knowing. Not knowing if we’d be safe, if there’d be enough money. Not knowing who we could trust, not knowing if, even in Kansas or Ohio, we might run into an old neighbor or an old student of mine who would give us away. And there was the Core. You could imagine a member of it on every corner. I was afraid we were going to die every minute. Because there was no way to be safe enough.

2. Why did you hide something from the FBI in your shoe?  

It was a small thing, that bank card, and no one saw me put it inside my shoe. I did that in the men’s room before I called Peg from Ms. Harris’s office. Just doing that gave me a feeling of power, that I had some say over something when I felt so powerless. I’m not sorry I did it. But then it turned out Liza’d done the same thing with her learner’s permit! Maybe it was about power for her, too. Like father, like daughter.

3. If you hadn't gone in the witness protection program, what do you think
you could have done to protect Liza and yourself?
I wonder if there was anything I could have done at all. If there had been, I think I would have done it instead. But we were out there, vulnerable, in that town in Pennsylvania where anybody could have found us. If it had been just me, I don’t know, but Liza! I had to do all I could to protect Liza, same as Angela did. Give her that best chance. But it turned out we were vulnerable wherever we went. We did learn how to survive, though, and recognize danger signs. The FBI program bought us the time we needed to learn those things, and I’m grateful for that.

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