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Jack Blank and the Secret WarGoodreads: Picking up a year after the events of Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation, Jack and his fellow students are now well into their School of Thought training and are "sidekicking" for official, card-carrying super heroes. But, even though Jack feels more at home in the Imagine Nation, he’s still hiding secrets from his friends Skerren and Allegra, both about his shocking connection to their enemy Revile and about his “Top Secret” school assignment, which involves investigating the Rüstov computer virus that affects the Mechas. Jack is busy trying to find out how far the Rüstov sleeper virus has spread, working to find a cure, and striving to avoid the dire future that Revile warned him about. Meanwhile, Jonas Smart is working just as hard to discover what Jack is hiding from everyone. When a rogue Secreteer—the protectors of secrets of inhabitants of the Imagine Nation—starts selling secrets to the highest bidder, Smart is ready and waiting. Jack knows that if Smart finds out the truth about him and Revile, he’s as good as dead. When Jack discovers that the Secreteer causing all this trouble also has information about his father, the distractions really start piling up. If Jack is going to help prevent a second Rüstov invasion, keep Smart from discovering his secrets, and find out what a shadowy, half-mad Secreteer knows about his long-lost father, he'll need to learn to trust his friends, and to find the true path toward becoming a hero himself.

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You can tell a lot about a person by the books they read... I picked a few characters from THE ACCIDENTAL HERO and THE SECRET WAR and grabbed some books off of their bookshelves so that you could get a sense of who they are and what they're all about. Have a look:

JACK BLANK - Comic books (ZenClan WarriorsKung-Fu Killers, Unreal TalesThe Mighty Hovarth and many, many more). 

12 year old Jack Blank has had a hard life growing up at St. Barnaby's Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost. He always found an escape in the pages of his comic booksand gets a real-life escape when Jazen Knight comes to take him to the Imagine Nation. Jack is eager to make the trip, but life doesn't get any easier for him when he gets there. It does however, get much more exciting.

JAZEN KNIGHT - I, RobotBicentennial Man by Isaac Asimov. Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson

The android emissary of the Imagine Nation is a big fan of robot fiction. He's not always happy about how the robots and androids are portrayed, but he has to have something to read on those long trips out into the "real world" looking for super-powered people to bring back to the Imagine Nation.

JONAS SMART - Man of the Future: The Jonas Smart Story by Jonas Smart, The Prince by Machiavelli

Jonas Smart is the smartest person in the world-- just ask him! He would not consider it ego to choose his own book as his favorite. He would just say it's the correct choice. The Prince is another good book for Smart. He is very much an evil genius, but he doesn't think of himself that way. Everything Smart does, he does for the good of the Imagine Nation. He just goes about it in the worst way possible.

STENDEVAL - Read This, You Must by Yoda, My Life as a Wise and Mysterious Mentor by Dumbledore

At 500 years old, Stendeval is the oldest and wisest member of the Inner Circle, a powerful group of heroes responsible for governing and defending the Imagine Nation. He is a teacher in Jack's super-powered training program, The School of Thought, and most importantly, he is Jack's friend and mentor. He knows a lot about Jack - much more than he lets on - which might be why he believes Jack has the heart of a hero when everyone else thinks he is destined to become a villain.

ALLEGRA - Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins

Allegra is one of Jack's classmates in the School of Thought. She has silvery metal skin that she can stretch into whatever she wants. The trouble she has is keeping herself together. She has great potential, but it's up to her to realize it.

THE RUSTOV - Clear and Present Danger by Tom Clancy

The Rustov are among the foulest and deadliest creatures in the universe. They're a race of cybernetic parasites that infects humans and steals their life energies to stay alive. They go from planet to planet, eating up all the natural resources and enslaving the population for use as host bodies. They invaded Earth 12 years ago. The heroes of the Imagine Nation turned them back, but the war is far from over.

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