Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Little Night MagicA Little Night Magic by Lucy March

A Little Night MagicA Little Night Magic by Lucy March
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Goodreads: In New York Times bestselling author Lucy March's new novel, Olivia Kiskey needs a change. She’s been working at the same Nodaway Falls, New York, waffle house since she was a teenager; not a lot of upward mobility there. She’s been in love with Tobias, the cook, for the last four years; he’s never made a move. Every Saturday night, she gathers with her three best friends—Peach, Millie, and Stacy—and drinks the same margaritas while listening to the same old stories. Intent on shaking things up, she puts her house on the market, buys a one-way ticket to Europe, and announces her plans to her friends . . . but then she meets Davina Granville, a strange and mystical Southern woman who shows Olivia that there is more to her life than she ever dreamed. As Liv’s latent magical powers come to the surface, she discovers that having an interesting life is maybe not all it’s cracked up to be. The dark side of someone else’s magic is taking over good people in town, and changing them into vessels of malevolence. Unwilling to cede her home to darkness, she battles the demons of her familial past and her magical present, with those she loves at her side . . . and in the cross fire. Can the most important things in life—friendship, love, magic, and waffles—get her through the worst that the universe can throw at her?

My thoughts: The story starts out reasonably strong enough. Liv is a regular girl working as a waitress in a small town. She is in love with an inaccessible man named Tobias who will not return her affection. She makes a rash decision to move to Europe. Just then, a mysterious stranger appears and throws a dirty sock filled with something that I unbinds Liv's day magic. Now she is in danger as someone wants to steal her magic for making glorified party balloon animals. From then on, the story is a three star story as she falls into stupid and illogical thinking and the story also strays from logical paths.

It's not a bad a book by any means. It's a fun, quick read that requires the reader to put logic and the better part of her cerebrum at the door as situations arise and lack adequate explanation beyond the basic acceptance that it just is.

It is a quick, easy read that fulfills chick lit cravings and a dose of magic.

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