Monday, November 26, 2012

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I'm sorry, kids. I've been more distracted than usual with my life and have found it harder and harder to skip reality and sneak into a book, much less blog about it. I'm not trying to win sympathy points because I know we all have stuff going on but prior to this new season I was reflecting on the smooth ride I was enjoying between crises.

It was so nice. 

 Then I got a job transfer and it's much worse than I anticipated. I won't go there but it's changed my perception of desire to get up in the morning. Then my husband was informed he needed a little brain surgery. Nothing serious, the doctor just wanted to shave his head, cut his flesh, power saw a piece of skull to remove it, then pull out a little extra growth that had accumulated. The new colleagues were less than sympathetic. 

 On the positive side, the brain surgery went well. Hubby is feeling nearly 100% aside from headaches and fatigue. He's a trooper. My oldest is making college applications and scored 29 on the ACT. My kids are healthy, my husband is healing and my dog hasn't killed any of my chickens in 6 months. I still have my books. 

 So here is my Monday book list: 

 Right now I am reading: Nothing. Sorry about that. Got you all worked up and I haven't cracked a book all day. Bummer. 

 But. I just finished reading:


Books I'm eyeing to read this week:
I'm not going to lie. I won't read them all. I might read something else. But these are the books striking my fancy right at this moment.

Someday I will write a book called The Art of Escaping from Reality. It will include a list of my favorite books, a story about my blogging, and of course, a couple of chapters on my chickens.

A summary is this:



Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness - I'm glad your husband is on the mend. That must have been really scary.
I hope you find a little time to read this week. Maybe it will help you to take your mind off of the situation at work.

Carol N Wong said...

Wow! I think you need to read a book about how to survive your husband's brains survey while the world around spins faster!!!

Seriously, I would pick some short and soothing to read when you are ready!!