Thursday, November 15, 2012

Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2)Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire
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My thoughts: Against all my moral fiber, I loved this book. I read the first book, Beautiful Disaster which is the same story but from Abby's perspective. Loved it against my moral judgment. I loved Abby. I loved Travis. I understood Abby to some extent. I didn't understand Travis as well but I loved him, anyway.

Wouldn't you think I would be bored reading the same story over again? Not even close. From Travis' perspective, it's a new story. I understood Travis much better and loved his brothers and dad since they got more story time. I was more frustrated with Abby but understood her better.

I love Travis.

Epilogue: Oh. I can't even express how poetic. Don't read ahead. It's just a little nugget that brings it a little more real-life, sweet, and poetic justice.

*HUGE PARENTAL WARNINGS* Travis is a man whore. That said, I was very surprised and pleased with the way some of the more objectional behavior is described in retrospect from a drunk induced fog, making details difficult to remember but enough remembered for Travis to panic.

That isn't to say there isn't more sexual detail than I'd be comfortable handing off to my daughters. Way more than I'd want them to read. I'm surprised I enjoyed it so much especially because I just don't read romance novels. To clarify, this is not a traditional romance novel. It's a relationship novel. It's the story of Abby and Travis and their struggles to find equilibrium in a relationship.

Dialogue - Heavy sexual content
Sex - Already covered but very heavy
Language - Extreme. If you are sensitive to the "F" word, don't read it. I'm sensitive to it but I've taught myself to skip over it. But be forewarned that it is there. Much more so than the first book. Abby didn't have a foul mouth, as a rule. Travis thinks foul, talks foul. You'll still love him.

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