Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Circle of Shadows by Imogen Robertson Feature and GIVEAWAY

Circle Of Shadows (Crowther and Westerman, #4)
A grisly murder among the German aristocracy propels this tale of eighteenth century forensics and historical crime solving

The forthright Mrs. Harriet Westerman and her reclusive companion, anatomist Gabriel Crowther, tackle their first case outside of England in the fourth installment of Imogen Robertson’s heralded historical suspense series.

As Germany’s elite are celebrating Shrove Tuesday of 1784 with a masked ball, the beautiful Lady Martesen is murdered. Daniel Clode, brother-in-law to Mrs. Westerman, is found near the body. All evidence points to him as the killer. As Daniel awaits execution, Westerman and Crowther arrive and quickly encounter a court full of opulence, intrigue, and deadly secrets—but no one who will talk.

With Anne Perry’s eye for period detail and Tess Gerritsen’s forensics knowledge, Robertson is emerging as a major author of highbrow suspense.

Interesting Info: 

There’s also an interesting true life backstory here: the novel is partially inspired by Count Cagliostro, who was born into poverty but quickly became the most talked about man in Europe during the 1700s due to his alchemical swindling and forgery. By the time he was imprisoned under accusation of being a Freemason in the late 1700s, Cagliostro could count amongst his personal enemies Goethe, Casanova, Louis XVI, and Marie Antoinette. You can also find traces of him in Faust and Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute.  

A note on this as a series: while I don’t think it’s necessary to have read the previous books in order to enjoy this one (Robertson does a good job filling in any missing pieces and on a personal note when I read this one I’d only read the 1st book in the series, skipping the 2nd and 3rd, and didn’t find myself lost or confused). That being said, reading this book will spoil some of what happens in the books before it.

In honor of it being June 18th, I'm hosting a giveaway! Today is:
  • My parents anniversary. 52 years together. Yay, old folks! Clap your hands, everybody!
  • 22 years ago today (yes, on my parents' anniversary), I ran off with a friend and spent the best summer of my single life backpacking through Europe. Since this story takes place in Europe, let's celebrate Europe. Yay, Europe! Clap your hands, everybody!
So if you have been following the series, kudos to you and here's your chance for a copy! If you have not, I bet you will want to now but here's your chance with a copy but be forewarned that it might take some of the fun out of the previous books by telling more than you want to know when you read THOSE book after reading this masterpiece.

And the very difficult task of winning the book is fill out the detailed form below. If you want to tell me nice things in the comment section in addition to filling out the form, I will allow that. I need nice things whispered in my ear. 

You can tell me that I have a nice summer tan (I don't) because I like to hear it.

U.S. only. 
One copy available.
Ends June 30th


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Suzy Turner said...

I can't enter because I'm in Portugal but I like the sound of this book... but what really appeals to me is the cover. It's gorgeous! So much so that I had to Pin It to my Cover Love Board!!
Suzy Turner, YA Authorcoi