Review Policy

When I accept a novel to review: It does not guarantee that I will post a review. I do review every book that is read in its entirety. While I try to only accept review books I think I will like, I can not guarantee that the review will be positive, but it will be fair. I don't take pleasure in negating someone's work, but my reviews will be my honest opinion.  I also try to post my reviews on GoodReads. I will post to Amazon upon request.

*All summaries/synopses are taken from,, the jacketflap, or the publisher's website.

I strive to complete each book. Unfortunately, some books are not a good fit for me personally. In these cases, I will most likely refrain from posting a review or post the reasons why the title did not particularly work for me.

My preference is YA, Chick Lit and Historical Fiction.  I will not read GLBT or Erotica. At this time, I am only accepting physical copies of books; ARC, hardback or paperback.

I can be contacted at or

If you are an author and you hated my review, please don't leave feedback in comment section. This reflects badly on you and will nearly always backfire. Send me an email instead.