Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This is my first installment of Blush and Cringe! In other words, my most recent social faux pas.

Setting: At church

Occasion: Stake Conference (all the wards or congregations get together every 6 months for a conference)

In the hallway I see Kelsey, a daughter of a woman who simply can not escape me. Our paths are constantly crossing, which has never been a problem before this particular Sunday.

Kelsey is her oldest daughter. She recently graduated from college and is in her first year teaching elementary school. She was also pregnant the last time I saw her. Today she is carrying a car seat and walking with her husband. I catch Kelsey's attention so I can admire the baby.

The baby is adorable! He gives me a toothless smile. I note the small, slightly turned up eyes. I wonder if it would be rude to grab his hands and check for the Simian line.

I love Down's Syndrome babies. I have a special affinity because of my little friend, Gavin. My children spent five years in daycare with him. I gave him his first really bad haircut. Surprisingly, Amy never asked me to babysit Gavin again.

"Is he Down's?" I asked Kelsey, with growing excitement.

"No," she said.

Could I save myself at this point? Could I explain that it's really a compliment? Could I have just gotten a good look at her husband, a tall man with small, blue, upturned eyes? Could I stop, rewind, play?


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Jessica @ A Blog to Brag About said...

Oh my goodness! That's such a funny story. That may be worse than asking an overweight woman when she's due! Don't worry, it happens to everyone. There have been several times where I didn't realize just how far I was sticking my foot in my mouth 'til it was already too late.