Saturday, May 1, 2010

What To Wear for the Rest of Your Life

I pride myself on dressing in basics; khakis or jeans with variations of t-shirts. I prefer to rely on my sparkling personality and good looks to dress to impress. The problem arises, of course, when I look the mirror. I am aging.

I have photo albums of my teenage and twenty-something years. Purple eye shadow, too stark of blush (using a stick, not powder), cute figure, and fashionable clothes for the day. Fact is, I could get away with anything and still be attractive to some degree. But it was downright exhausting to be young in the 80's. The clothes were trendy, the hair high, and the make-up severe.

And so I settled in on relying on my beauty and gave up trying to be trendy. Sadly, I find myself repeating the mantra, "Beauty is within" far too often these days. People who used to say that lacked beauty. Duh. On the other hand, I am far more comfortable in my body than I was 20 years ago. I find older women who possess beauty that I did not notice.

What can we do about our wardrobe to enhance our beauty? Fashion expert, Kim Johnson Gross, combines her knowledge of being a former model, fashion guru, and a woman "of a certain age" to help the reader find her own style. Written with humor, common sense, and wisdom, the reader will find advice she can use.

My best beauty secret: Wear a good bra. Nothing feels so divine as a well-fitting bra. I may not be big busted but I certainly like my girls contained with no wiggle room and no extra bumps.

What's your beauty secret?


Kelly McDermott-Bay said...

I love to pamper myself with a nice bubble bath.
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Marjorie said...

A heating pad around my neck, reading a good book with no one around.

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