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The Yoga Club by Cooper Lawrence Review

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The Yoga Club by Cooper Lawrence

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Goodreads: In the bestselling tradition of Paula Froelich and Candace Bushnell comes a dishy novel about the secrets of the rich and privileged, featuring four yoga friends who stumble upon a murder at a tony Greenwich, Connecticut party—and have to solve the crime or be implicated themselves.
When Coco Guthrie and three other Greenwich locals appear at THE Halloween party of the season, they’re chagrined to discover that they’ve all come in the same costume—Sarah Palin. But that’s hardly the worst thing to happen that evening. While exploring the grounds of their hostess’s estate, they stumble upon two people engaged in a struggle. Before they know it, the fight has turned deadly—and the attacker is revealed to be a local politician! The four Palins return to the party, swearing each other to secrecy, but when each of them receives a mysterious warning the next day, it becomes clear that they were spotted—and are in serious trouble.Now the unlikely foursome must work together to uncover the truth behind the murder—and where can four people from different social circles mingle unnoticed? At an early morning yoga class, of course! Each member of the 8:30 Yoga Club is hiding secrets of her own, but they soon discover that good friends can protect you from even the nastiest of scandals.
Breezy, witty, and filled with juicy straight-from-the-society-page gossip,The Yoga Club makes for a delicious read.
My take: Wow. I hate writing a negative review. Fortunately, Cooper Lawrence already has a lucrative career as a celebrity reporter and radio show host.

Although the title indicates Yoga is a big part of the story, it is not. The story and conflict is weak and doesn't drive the story. Character development is shallow and stereotypical. The basis of the story is that Coco Guthrie, a successful marketer of her slimming cream, Butt B Gone, finds herself at a costume party dressed as Sarah Palin. Then she finds herself standing with three other Sarah Palins and they suddenly decide to go check out the mayor's monstrosity. While peeking in the windows, they see the mayor, Mayor Quilty (looks like Guilty) in an S & M garb dragging around what appears to be a dead woman dressed in similar garb. He gets a look at the Palins, sees their pictures in the paper and they each get an anonymous government issue stationery blackmail. The other thing they have in common is that they are in the 8:30 yoga class.

Here are the players:

Bailey: Stereotypical rich girl growing up with old money. She's a gossip reporter and dishes on celebrities. She's also a bit of a slut. She has slept with just about all of Hollywood. Her character gives secrets about stars, interviews, and the ins and outs of the rich and famous.

Olivia: Stereotypical scientist and single mother. She is absent minded yet highly intelligent but poor social skills. She is estranged from her mother and raised by her father with her brother. She has no fashion sense, she's shy and likeable.

CJ: Stereotypical gay guy. He knows all about fashion and critiques everybody's choices. He is not completely "out" yet he engages in A LOT of sexual activity while claiming to be secretive since his father is running for governor. He makes the most disgusting, lurid, and sexually explicit comments and jokes. He is a man's man whore.

Coco: Like Chanel? Really? From New York, poor girl makes it big.

The bulk of the book is sexual dialogue, occasionally discussing the case. They seem to be sexually experimental Scooby Doo gang, working a case between sexual conquests. In detail.

Who would like this book: A quick, easy read, providing light insight to the rich and famous and then those from Greenwich who are ultra so. Also written for the sexually curious. I didn't find it tintillating but I guess someone else might. Anything goes and all taboo subjects are fair game.

I found it highly disappointing. Not my kind of book.

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