Monday, January 30, 2012

Darkness Falls Author Interview and GIVEAWAY

Darkness FallsRemember when I reviewed Cate Tiernan's books, Immortal Beloved and Darkness Falls? Here's what I said: {Don't be shy. Go ahead and click me.}

So I got to interview Cate. If you didn't read my review, you won't know how very funny Cate is. She is nearly as funny as me. And I find myself absolutely HILARIOUS.

It's my head. I get to choose how funny I am inside of it.

So here is Cate on her sense of humor and other Need-To-Know info:

Q: Do you know you are hilarious?
No--I didn't know I was hilarious! I think I can be pretty funny sometimes, and it's fun to put that into my books.

 Where did you buy that wicked sense of humor?
 Online. I had a gift card.
Q: I love the flashbacks of years of past. How did you do your research for those?
 I do a ton of research, mostly on the interwebz. But I also have many reference books with pictures--about clothes, weapons, ancient maps, etc. The research is so fascinating--I always get sucked into another topic.

Q: If the books were made into a movie, who would you have play Nastasya? Viking God?
Gosh, I'm just not really familiar enough with young actors/actresses these days to really say. It would have to be someone who looked young, but seemed old, if that makes sense. It's fun when readers send in their own ideas for casts.

So here's your chance to not only win a copy of the hardback edition of Darkness Falls (Book 2 but not absolutely crucial to read Book 1 - I just suggest it because it's so fun). If you are feeling saucy, you can name your favorite snarky Hollywood starlet and serious man eye-candy (Justin Beiber does not count).

But only if you are feeling snarky and saucy. I want to give my ideas but my brain is completely fried from working all day then parent teacher conferences at the grade school.

Fill out the FORM:

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