Sunday, April 15, 2012

IMM 4/15/12

Hello, my lovelies! It has been so very long since I have published an edition of In My Mailbox. I am so sorry. First off, I will only include those books I've received in April. Second, I already know you will hate me. Unless you know me and you know where I live because I'm generous with loaning my books. Isn't that right McKayla, Joan, Laura, Julie, and Marcie? Marcie. Give me back my copy of Little Princes

I'm not THAT generous.

In no particular order:

Do not judge me because I already have the mantra that the person who dies with the most books wins but I bought a couple of books today that I currently have hidden in the car. I will have to bring them in eventually but people in this household will judge me for adding to my book collection.

So I I've already read most of Paul Cardall's book. He started a blog and I became a serious, stalkaholic. Truly, I feel like I could run into Paul at the store and chat like we're the very best of friends and he'd be incredibly creeped out, I'm sure. This blog had me utterly and completely addicted. It had me sobbing many, many days. It was beautiful and heartbreaking yet so full of hope.

I don't even know how I stumbled across Paul's blog but I knew his name as a musician. What I didn't know is that he had a rare heart condition where he was born with only two ventricles. He received a life saving surgery as a child but, nearing his fortieth birthday (I think he was 37), his heart was worn out. He stopped giving concerts and was monitored closely. He was a horrible candidate for a heart transplant yet he still prayed he'd get one. He wrote his blog for his young daughter, Eden. He called it Living For Eden.

Okay, so I just took a quick peek at the blog again and there's a new post. I erupted in tears again.  Really, I must stop.

If you want to have a visceral experience, go read this blog. Better yet, read the book as it is much more succinct. I checked it faithfully, particularly when he was hospitalized and said goodbye in so many touching ways. I watched for the post by someone else to let his stalkers know he'd passed away. In the meantime, a twist of irony occurred. Paul's brother was hit with a taser in Southern Utah during a psychotic episode. It stopped his heart and he died. Now the Cardall family lived on with broken hearts, as one son died senselessly while waiting for another son's heart to stop. Finally, the day came when his wife wrote the post. I won't tell you what it said but I'll give you a visual hint.
Christian artist Nathan Greene 

And I will end on that uplifting note.


Harvee said...

I am looking forward to The Dog that Talked to God. Enjoy all the books you recieved. You'll be busy!

Dani said...

Awesome selection of books this week!

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Nancy Allen said...

Love the cover on The Dog That Talked to God. I love doggies.

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Nikki H said...

So jealous of Tiger Lily & Endlessly! I'm like lusting after those! Hope you enjoy all your books!

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JC Jones said...

I enjoyed reading your blog post. Here is mine:


Erika said...

I would never judge you! I wish I had a car to hide my new books in. As it is now, I just add them to my bookshelf right away. No one will notice a few more on there right? I am completely jealous of your copies of Arise and Masque of the Red Death. Thanks for stopping by my IMM :)

Marian said...

What a lot of nice books! The smart girls one sounds cute. I just had to look it up on goodreads after reading your post. :)

Debbie said...

What a collection! Thanks for sharing the blog. I haven't looked at it yet but what you've written has already warmed my heart. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

P.s. You should never be judged for buying books!

Book Sake said...

The Midwife of Venice interests me, sounds good!

- Jessica @ Book Sake