Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Lazy Way

I am often asked what I do with all my books. The truth is I try to keep my very favorites but I keep loaning them out. They don't always make it back. The other books I willingly give away to my friends and a lot of them I donate to the library. I have had a stack of books in my trunk for three weeks. I keep meaning to take them to the library.

Today I exited Costco where I opened the trunk to put the goods. I was met with the stack of books spread all over. I sighed and restacked them in order to make room for my bulk produce and such. I glanced over at the car next to mine. The owner was unloading her basket into her car. She had bought books.

"Excuse me. Are you reader?" I asked. She looked up, surprised.

"I'm in a book club," she answered.


I gathered the stacks of books and threw them into her car. "No givebacks!"

I love Costco.


Joy said...

That is hilarious! I love it, "No givebacks!" Serously, if I didn't work at a library where I could donate my books, I think I would go a bit crazy and my house would have towers of books.

Joy @ Book Lagniappe

CountessLaurie said...

well played!