Sunday, April 8, 2012

Please Vote for My Beautiful Cousin and Win Pandemonium ARC

So here's the low down. 

Inspired - A Dream Wedding Giveaway has chosen four finalists for $10,000 in wedding swag. So the winner will get to have the most beautiful and dreamy wedding because all these companies want their names put in the spotlight.

The kicker is that we must vote for our favorite couple.

Our favorite couple happens to be Asenath & Alex.

Reasons to vote for Asenath:
  1. She's my beautiful cousin.
  2. She's an underpaid public educator, teaching English at a local high school.
  3. You may know her mother, Janette Rallison, YA author extraordinaire. If she and her husband (my first cousin) have to pay for this wedding, they will be left destitute and Janette may slip into a deep depression and never write another book. (I totally made that up. I haven't seen Janette since my one undergraduate semester at BYU before she was famous but I liked her so very much).
  4. I will bribe you. My advanced reader's copy of Pandemonium.
Pandemonium (Delirium, #2)

Oh, yeah. The big thing. All votes must be in by Sunday. Today. Go vote right now. Go on. I'll still be waiting for you right here. Just click on the circle by Asenath's and Alex's name.

Then fill out this entry form.


Cheyenne Williams said...

I hope they win! (:

ashley said...

I would have voted with no incentive lol sorry other couples!

I hope they win!

ashley said...

I'll tweet it to get word out!

Nicole said...

That is really nice of you to help out your family! I really hope they win and I would have voted without the giveaway, but I have been lusting after Pandemonium for some time! Thanks for the giveaway!

M.A.D. said...

Voted and crossing my fingers for luck for them!! :D And thank you for the sweet giveaway, even though it wasn't necessary <3

Dolly said...

I voted for them - I loved their 'colors'!!

Amy S. said...

Best of luck to the happy couple!!! Thanks for the chance to win Pandemonium!

CountessLaurie said...

Sorry, the Resurrection got in the way. Hope they win anyway!!