Monday, July 5, 2010

Hanging by The Thread

Hanging By The ThreadFrom Publisher: For ten years, a secret society has risen to power. They have infiltrated every facet of the federal government. They are powerful. They have extraordinary access to public funds. They have incredible technologies. And freedom is their nemesis.

They have sought to destroy economic freedom, amass power to the federal government, and create mass dependency. They call themselves THE THREAD. And now, they are poised to destroy the Constitution and rise to power.

But, on the eve of their burst into power, a copy of their plan falls into the hands of a young man in the Utah State Capitol building. A small group forms and comes to understand the plan of The Thread. And now, the race is on. Time is short and the group must struggle to preserve their lives, their nation, and freedom itself.

My take:  This book nearly ruined by Independence Day.  That's the day I decided to read this book. It is a fast paced story, reminiscent of National Treasure but much, much more sinister.  The premise is that there is a secret conspiracy to upset the economic freedoms of the United States take control of the government thus people.  Once the United States is secure, the world becomes nothing less than pawns.

First you take the freedom of choice from the people by instituting socialism and government interference with capitalism.  Redistribution of wealth is accomplished bit by bit.  Universal health care and other entitlement programs are introduced one at a time until the people are completely dependent upon the government for all their needs.  Who holds the power, the people or the government? Freedom is no longer a vocabulary word.

One very important document is discovered in the copy center of the Utah State Capital by a Colton, an honest new graduate.  He takes it to his friend and roommate, Jeff, who shows it to Pete, another roommate who happens to be a political science major who takes it to his favorite professor, Doc. Isaacson, while Colton calls his uncle, Jim, an FBI agent.  All key players in place, The Thread moves in to reclaim their property.  They have a simultaneous terrorist plot to scare the people into running to the government, granting greater control. But something is wrong.  The men aren't buying the story The Thread is giving them.  

This is a high paced, quick and enjoyable weekend read.  When I say weekend read, I don't mean the 4th of July weekend.  It's a believable conspiracy theory and I did start to lose a little bit of my patriotic spirit knowing that there is a possibility the conspiracy goes as high as the president of the United States.

Are these new concepts that can be easily written off because I've never considered these ideas before?  Have I voiced my concerns about becoming a socialistic nation and not a democratic republic? Yup. So now I can't sleep tonight. 

Highly recommend read.  I really enjoyed it, particularly because much of the story occurs on the Wasatch Front at landmarks I know well.


CountessLaurie said...

Okay, I will put it on my to read list for Halloween!

Thanks for the review!

Nat said...

I read this one too, I also enjoyed it. I thought it was very thoughtfully written.