Monday, November 1, 2010

Delerium by Lauren Oliver Review

This looked like an interesting book so I snagged it off NetGalley.

A word about reading a book on a computer as opposed to holding a book in your hands.

Not. The. Same.

My eyes are tired and my shoulders and head hurt. I'm rethinking the Kindle idea for my birthday. I'd love to hear personal experiences regarding an e-reader. I'm conflicted.

Back to Delirium. I didn't particularly like it. In fact, I rather disliked it and didn't want to write a negative review. They are the hardest to write and take so much time.  It's difficult to articulate in a politically correct manner why I don't like someone's heart and soul because that's what authors put into their work.  But here's what I came up with.
  • I am not discrediting an author in question.  She is very accomplished and my opinion will not stop her stellar sales.
  • I discovered that I don't have to reinvent the wheel.  Jordan Nielsen of The Rusty Key said it all for me.
Without further ado, I introduce you to my surprise guest book reviewer, Jordan Nielsen.



    Autumn said...

    The kindle experience is WAAAY different than reading off a computer. It's *almost* like reading a book. You won't have nearly the eye strain since it's not back lit and you won't have the body aches from sitting in front of a computer since you can read your kindle anywhere. If you're going to use NetGalley, get a kindle because they don't have the expiration date on the kindle like they do on the other devices. That's a handy tip I picked up from NetGalley!

    CountessLaurie said...

    I have the Barnes and Noble Nook and I LOVE IT!!

    I will send you an email since I have absolutely SO MUCH TO PRAISE about it.