Friday, October 14, 2011

Easy Cliffs Notes (Shhhh)

As a high school counselor, I can not, in good conscience, endorse this site. Educationally speaking, I know that students who don't read their books for English classes go to Cliffs Notes rather than experience the journey first hand.

I would know. I was the student who read Cliffs Notes rather than subject myself to Madame Bovary, Hamlet, or King Lear.

As a grown woman that still has that 16 -18 year old girl inside me, I definitely endorse this site. But let's just pretend it is a companion to reading the real book.  Mmmmkay?  Mmmkay.

It's Cliffs Notes short films.

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Kim said...

Several years ago, I took The Boy to see MacHomer, which was Macbeth, but done with the characters and voices of the Simpsons.

This would have been handy when I gave him a synopsis of the play so he'd know what was going on.

Oh, if MacHomer comes to your area, you should see it. It's a one man show - this guy is good.