Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Right of Way by Lauren Barnholdt

What I liked about Right of Way:

1) I loved the way the characters stayed true to themselves. When written in POV as Jace or Peyton, it was clear by the way they thought and acted. I never got confused who was speaking/thinking. They have spunk and personality.

2) Two points of view. The same story is told and overlaps as told by both characters but interpretation is different enough to bring much interest to the story. Good foresight to add the different perspectives.

3) Peripheral characters cracked me up and added a layer to the story that you simply can't get on a sitcom. BJ is they guy you know that has no social skills or sense yet he good looking enough that he gets by. The hotel clerk and Jace's exchange with the interruption of BJ made me laugh out loud. Jordan and Courtney were a great couple that stayed objective enough but added insight.

What I didn't like:

The language! Personally the amount and level of swearing was very distracting for me. Did not enjoy and can't recommend the book for teens because of it. Why so many f-bombs? It felt forced, like the characters were trying too hard to be grown up.

I wish there was more resolution in Peyton's relationship with her parents. The ending felt very abrupt and there is no wrapping up of issues.

All in all a memorable read, but not one I would buy due to content.

Thanks so much to Simon Pulse for the sneak peek.

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