Friday, September 20, 2013

The Not Even Once Club by Wendy Watson Nelson

The Not Even Once ClubThe Not Even Once Club by Wendy Watson Nelson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Description: The Not Even Once Club is an adorable and appealing way to engage children in a story that will help them choose for themselves to keep the commandments and to never break them. Not even once.
Children will meet Tyler, an energetic boy who is excited to make new friends in his Primary class. They have invited Tyler to join their special club, but first he has to pass the test and keep the club promise.
With illustrations from bestselling illustrator Brandon Dorman, The Not Even Once Club is a fun and engaging way for parents to help teach their children the importance of keeping the commandments. Included in the back of the book are additional teaching helps for parents and leaders.
My thoughts: This is a great and conceptually easy book for kids. My 8 year old son got a hold of it first so he told me about it. When I read it, I liked it. It is simple with beautiful illustrations.

The story is about a group of kids that start a club called "Not Even Once." They make a commitment to never break the Word of Wisdom. The reader is given easy to comprehend examples and the book ends with the main character carrying his commitment outside the clubhouse.

The story, itself is a good Family Home Evening on its own with small children. What I liked best about it, though, is the appendix that includes more resources and more teaching ideas. There are downloads for posters to print for children and ideas for teaching about repentance and incorporating the Atonement and Christ's mission.

This is one simple concept that can open a number of avenues for communication between parents and children.

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