Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Name Used to Be Muhammad by Tito Momen

My Name Used to Be Muhammad: A True Story of a Muslim Who Became a ChristianMy Name Used to Be Muhammad: A True Story of a Muslim Who Became a Christian by Tito Momen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a frank and honest description of a very intriguing yet incredibly difficult paradigm shift; Islam to Christianity. Momen had an interesting and unique upbringing in Nigeria which is an integral part of his story. He was raised to be far more observant than the rest of Muslims his age, not only within the religion but also in his village. He was curious and intelligent which put him on the path for a colorful ride.

What I appreciated about the book was that Momen does not belabor his own sins, faults, or experiences yet he does not hide them. He goes from nearly militant Muslim who has simple questions, to rebellious and acting out, to Christian to imprisoned. He shares his experience factually including his darkest moments of discouragement and the turning of tides when the miracles occur that strengthen his resolve and testimony.

I like the way he tells his story as it does not feel forced or contrived. He is honest, sincere and open. He clearly explains how Jesus is the literal Son of God and how the atonement makes sense in his understanding of sacrifice. It's so simple and beautiful as he explains it. It is also one of the most difficult accounts to read due to the politics of Nigeria and Cairo. Also a very touching relationship shift at the end.

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Whitney B. said...

I found your review through goodreads.com
I just finished this book, since I'm at work I'm trying to hold back the tears. What an amazing story and man!!!