Monday, December 2, 2013

Survival Lessons by Alice Hoffman GIVEAWAY

Just in case you've missed the memo, I love Alice Hoffman's books, writing style, perspectives, and epiphany moments. 

In case you've missed it, The Dovekeepers was my first introduction to Hoffman. It was a big WOW. Upcoming is Museum of Extraordinary Things. Where do these ideas come from?

Survival Lessons is a collection of essays Hoffman wrote when diagnosed with breast cancer. She spent hours and hours with nothing to do during her treatments. So she wrote books inside her head. She prioritized her life and articulated stunning essays that whittle what's really important into chapters that strike that soft spot inside your heart when you read them. That one spot that yells, "Yes!"

I'm certain she still has much wisdom to share and probably has learned a few lessons since she wrote this book. But I think you'll love the wisdom she invokes. She wants you to have a copy. I know she does. Here's your chance for a signed copy by a New York Times Best Selling Author:

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That's it. Wasn't that fun? Ends December 15th.

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