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Review: Infidel

Infidel Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
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This is a two part book. The first half is the author’s history beginning in her home country of Somalia. She educates the reader on how Somalia became a place of political unrest and eventually civil war particularly between clans Somalia and how the tribes or clans protect one another. It is chronological as Ayaan and her family live hungrily but with the help of the black market. Her father has been imprisoned for opposition of the current president. The life of a Muslim girl in Somalia includes female genital mutilation, a primitive and invasive operation performed without anesthesia or clean instruments. Ayaan barely survives.

The story follows the author to Mecca, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and back to Kenya where she is given to a man to be his wife against her will. By this time she has been fully indoctrinated in Islam.

The second part of the book begins with a stopover in Europe that was supposed to put her in Canada. She runs off to Holland and asks for asylum. It is in Holland that she finds a well run government where the police force are friendly and helpful. It is a welfare state run like a Republic. She is shocked to see that, when she removes her Islamic coverings, men do not suddenly go crazy with lust as she has been taught. There is order, there are laws, and most of the laws make sense. It is here that learns about something called the Holocaust. It is also here that finds friendships with Christians who do not lead her down to Hell. She begins to question her faith and what it is built upon which is a book, a man, and intense fear. She becomes atheist. She is now an Infidel. According to the Quran, she must be put to death.

It is fascinating to read about her indoctrination and her beliefs then the evolution of her beliefs. She is currently a political activist for The rights of Muslim woman. As with the refugee crisis of the past few years, those seeking asylum are often Muslim. The problem with Islam, she states, is that it is way of life that is incompatible with modern life. Muslims do not adapt to their society.

When brave men like Martin Luther or Calvin began questioning the Roman Catholic Church’s interpretation of the Bible, reformations took place and Christian churches evolved with society. Islam in and of itself is radical and needs to go through the same process. However, to make interpretations or to modernize it will put a target on your chest. To question Mohammad and his personal life is to choose death.

It is a very eye opening book.

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