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Lisa Schroeder Signed Books Winner!

The Day Before
You may recall that Simon & Schuster let me host a giveaway for ALL of Lisa Schroeder's books (up to now). AND she will sign them. I wanted to share some of the answers participants gave to prompts. They were amazing! 

First, read my review and writing prompts.

Here are some of my favorite responses:

"Have feelings that were rock solid about something ever changed over time?
After going through a nasty divorce and learning how my ex-husband betrayed me during our marriage, I never thought I could forgive him and I carried around that feeling like a huge weight on my back day in and day out.
I have since learned that anyone can be forgiven and the act of forgiving someone is not for them, but for yourself. :
My lighthouse is my mom. The purpose of a lighthouse is to keep you grounded, remind you there's a place to land nearby. My mom's the only one who can remind me of what's real and important."
"Recall a time when you felt like your feeling about something would never change but they have:
When I was 17 I had my first serious boyfriend. We were dating for almost two years and I thought for sure he was THE ONE. Nothing could make me think otherwise, not even when I was told he was having some ""fun"" with some other girls, friends included. I thought I would never stop loving him. But a few months after we broke up I realized how completely insane I was lol. I don't know how I could have been so blind. But I guess that happens to everyone in their teens and their first love affair, right?" 
"What part does hope play?
When I was diagnosed with cancer, hope was essential, like a runner with a marker to run toward, finishing the race!" 
"Love this review :) I'd love to incorporate this into my classroom.
Here's my thoughts:
Cade tells Amber that fear is normal. Just don't let it win. What does he mean by that?
Fear is a natural emotion. All animals, even we humans, are susceptible to fear. We can either let fear motivate us to keep moving forward or we can let it paralyze us. If fear acts as a paralytic, it has won.  How many times have you allowed fear to stop you from taking a chance, asking someone out on a date, trying out for a team, etc.? We've all been there, but the goal is to overcome the fear and use it as a catalyst to push ourselves further than we thought we could go, then we win.
"What part does hope play?
Such a big part!! If there is no hope in your life then you will give up on yourself and all of the world around you. There has to be hope that things will get better than where you are now and then when you look back and see where you came from... you see that having that hope paid off! " 
"Amber remembers a moment when her father told her that feelings are temporary. Recall a time when you felt like your feeling about something would never change but they have
I remember when I was getting my divorce,I thought I would never get over him,would never find someone else,never have a family,basically i thought my life was over...
well,I did remarry and I have a daughter so those earlier feelings of being rejected and unwanted,did change and I am now glad for the experience,as it made me the woman I am today!" 
"Choose a topic/question from the above review and apply it to a current or past difficult situation.
Cade tells Amber that fear is normal. Just don't let it win. What does he mean by that?
Fear is a part of everyday life. It's also built into our biology: fight or flight.
But when we let a situation overwhelm us, we are becoming passive to it by being reactive rather than proactive. " 
"Recall a time when you felt like your feeling about something would never change but they have."
When my late husband was very ill and needed constant care, I felt my life would never improve, I'd be trapped in that hell forever.  Then he died, and I felt like the guilt would always be with me for thinking that way.  Ten years later, it isn't the same feeling.  It still hurts, but not the same.

"What part does hope play?
Having hope that things will get better is vital especially for people who are clinically depressed or who have illnesses. It is a way for them to feel like life is worth living and their situation will improve. I have hope and it helps me with my situation."
"What does a lighthouse symbolize and why is it important?
Like everything else in the story, I think that the lighthouse symbolizes hope and light. Both Amber and Cade are going through a somewhat dark and emotionally turbulent times in their lives, and the lighthouse represents the light that will guide them through the night." 

(I'm seriously just about hyperventilating at the thought of a SIGNED set of Lisa's books. I thought this book was beyond amazing!)
Question-  Choose a topic/question & apply.
At one point Amber and Cade discuss chance vs. Divine Intervention. Is it chance or does God know what he's doing?
I believe in God, very strongly. I don't believe in chance, but I do believe in agency. Which means that while I think God is involved in our lives, I also believe that he allows us to make our own choices. So, for me, times of stress or struggles are always made lighter/easier because I believe in God, I believe that there is a reason for everything, and there's something really comforting in that. 
Since so many of these responses are personal, I decided against providing attribution. But the winner is:

Ashley B!

Congratulations and thanks to everybody for a fantastic contest!


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