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Supernaturally by Kiersten White

Supernaturally (Paranormalcy, #2)

From Goodreads:  A lot has changed in the six months since Evie escaped from the International Paranormal Containment Agency with her shape-shifter boyfriend, Lend. She finally has the blissfully normal life she’s always dreamed of, including: 

1) A real live high school 
2) A perfectly ordinary after-school job 
3) Her very own locker (and by the way, rusted metal is every bit as awesome as she imagined) 

But Evie’s not-so-normal past keeps creeping up on her...and things get pretty complicated when you factor in: 

1) A centuries-old, seriously decaying vampire stalker 
2) A crazy faerie ex-boyfriend who is the perpetual bearer of really bad news 
3) A major battle brewing between the faerie courts where the prize in question happens to be...Evie herself. 

My take:  Let's back up.  This is book #2.  I loved book #1.  If you skip #1, I think you'll be able to catch up but you'll miss a lot of fun.  In summary, Evie works for IPCA which is an agency that keeps track of paranormals which roam around us but in disguise called "glamour."  Evie seems to be the only paranormal who can see through the glamour and know what the creatures really are.  She can rebuff the silky sound of a vampire trying to talk her into not tagging him.  She can see that he is not a handsome Italian but a withered old guy with age spots hungering for blood. 

Bottom line is IPCA captures an intruder who Evie can see and she discovers that IPCA is not so very altruistic after all.  For instance, since werewolves are so difficult to control, they just neuter 'em.  She falls in love with the new creature named Lend, has fairy trouble, hates the fairy paths they travel (which are quick but scary), runs away with Lend and starts a new life as a regular high school student with her very. Own. Locker.  *SQUEE!*

New book finds Evie on her back looking at the sky and no breath in her lungs.  That's right, phys. ed.  She's livin' the dream.  She's working at Lend's dad's diner with other paranormals seeking a peaceful existence, attending high school, making out with Lend when Raquel from IPCA shows up.  She needs help.  Weird stuff is happening.  Evie agrees to help if she doesn't have to work with fairies because they are seriously creepy folks.  And she doesn't want anybody from her new life to know she is covertly working for IPCA.

Enter Jack.  Jack is a lunatic.  He's also human and knows how to navigate the fairy paths without the help of fairies.  He was stolen as a child by the fairies so he knows a thing or two.  But he's still a lunatic.  He takes Evie on different missions that seem to end up much more exciting (read: dangerous) than she had imagined.  

I like the story because it's a near-parody on paranormal literature.  I love the protagonist because she says what she's thinking and forgets to do the stupid teenager sulking stuff.  I love the dialog because it's just plain hilarious.

From ARC (which may differ from final book):
I stood and tucked it (the iron necklace) into my sock drawer, fingering the heart one last time before turning back to Jack. 
"Any other iron on you?" he asked impatiently. 
"Just my tongue stud." 
His look was a mixture of curiosity and horror. 
"I'm kidding, you idiot.  Let's go." 

Clean read.  No swearing besides "Oh, Bleep!"  Some violence because, c'mon, they're paranormals.  


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Bonnie said...

Paranormalcy has been on my TBR list for a little while, I think that I will wait until Supernaturally comes out, pick up both books and read them back to back. They look that good!

Bonnie @ HandsAndHome