Monday, July 26, 2010

Red Rain by Tim Wendel Review and Giveaway

This is a repost with giveaway information added.

And yet another perspective of WWII is introduced. By now most people know what the leaders of the United States did to the American citizens of Japanese descent. Did I say citizens? I did. No Japanese descendants were allowed within 600 miles of the Pacific Ocean. The were relocated to secure camps. Remind you of German concentration camps? They should, although the living conditions were much more humane. Food was always served and they were free to enjoy a life within the confines of the barbed wire and under the constant supervision of armed guards.

Meanwhile, back in their California homes...oh, wait. They no longer owned them. And this is where Yoshi is recruited by Starling to be a spy in Japan. Although born in the U.S., Yoshi speaks fluent Japanese. To kill time, since she couldn't kill Germans, she agrees.  Her assignment is to gather intelligence on "Fire Balloons" which were simple yet scientific contraptions that exploded over the United States causing mayhem. By submarine she is taken to the coast of Japan, given a raft and she rows herself onto shore where she meets her contact.  Yoshi is taken to a place she can stay and a job is secured for her.  Unfortunately for her, she has not learned the Japanese ways.  Her American upbringing provides enough attitude for suspicion to be drawn.

Ultimately, Yoshi finds herself drawn deeply into the Japanese people and finds herself torn between betraying her country and betraying her new friends. How does she reach state of flummox?  What does she choose?

I know the ending so I would love to tell you.  But I won't.  That would just be too easy for you.

If you want to find out the ending by yourself, let me know in a comment with your email address included.

Contest ends July 19th.


Riahli said...

Oh wow that sounds like a really intense read!

CountessLaurie said...

Did you enjoy the book? If not, email me the ending :-) If you did, I will add it to my to-read list!

Nancye said...

This sounds like an intriguing book, for sure! I'd LOVE to be able to find out the ending.

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skkorman said...

Sounds like a good read, and I MUST know the ending—please enter me to win!

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karenk said...

please count me in...thanks :)

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nfmgirl said...

Sounds interesting! Please count me in. Thank you!

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Breanne said...

This book sounds wonderful! I would love to know the ending.

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Liza said...

Ooh, that sounds like a good one. Please count me in.

Thanks for the chance to win!


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Cryssloves said...

This sounds brilliant. I hope I get to read it :)

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avalonne83 said...

Great giveaway! I'd love to be entered.

Please count me in. Thanks.

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Jolee said...

Wow. I'm intrigued. Sounds good. Thanks! joleehamlin [at[ comcast [dot] net

Renee G said...

This sounds fascinating.

angelatarantula said...

this book sounds awesome! and the cover is pretty intense.

Please count me in.

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-Angela Z

Marjorie/cenya2 said...

The storyline on this book sounds soooo good.
I would love to win it.

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lag123 said...

Your review is very intriguing! Thank you for the giveaway!

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Ruthie said...

Yes I would like to know the ending!
Please enter me, thanks.