Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Friend in the Storm by Cheryl Ricker Review

A Friend in the Storm

From Publisher: Author Cheryl Ricker reaches into the depths of human suffering from the perspective of Christ speaking to the reader in soothing poetic words. This elegant gift book will reach the heart and soul of anyone facing difficult circumstances, leading them through their suffering into the arms of a faithful loving God. Each two-page spread includes a poem, as well as reflections written by Christian leaders, along with healing Scripture verses. An elegant foil-stamped fabric binding makes this the perfect gift.

My take: Cheryl possesses an incredible gift of tapping into the divine and wrapping the reader up in a blanket of comfort.  Like other good authors, she paints with her words.  Rather than painting pictures with her words, she paints emotions, realigning the reader's soul with His.

The book includes short, concise, and moving poetry, evoking feelings of peace, hope, and love.  Each page also includes quotes by well-known word artists and a scripture.  This seems to tie each page together like a gift.

This book was provided to me by the Litfuse Group in return for an honest review.  I rarely feel obligated in my reviews but my conscience is niggling me so I feel compelled to share that Cheryl is offering a Kindle to helpful sorts who promote her book.  I am hesitant to share this little morsel not because I don't love the book but because I really, really, really want this Kindle.  Or any Kindle, for that matter, but THIS one is the generation I want.

Because I'm selfish that way.

Okay, here's the link.



CountessLaurie said...

oh the things we will (or will not do) for a kindle...

I hope you win. I have the Nook and I do adore it.

good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great review!!

All the best in winning the Kindle!!


Anonymous said...

I love how you say, "she paints emotions, realigning the reader's soul with His."