Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Queen Bee of Bridgeton by Leslie Dubois TOP TEN LIST

The Queen Bee of Bridgeton (Dancing Dream #1)
Will Maddox is the troubled love interest in The Queen Bee of Bridgeton. On the surface, he seems perfect. He’s attractive, rich, and the star of the championship basketball team. But on the inside, he has some major issues to deal with which all stem from the death of his parents. Here are his top ten demons that are addressed throughout the three books of the Dancing Dream series.

1. Controlling – Will always needs to be in control. When his parents died and he had to move to New Jersey, he felt he’d lost control of his life so he seeks to get that control back in different ways.

2. Promiscuity – The first two times Sonya sees Will he has just finished making out with two different girls. Sex is one of Will’s vices. It’s something that lets him forget the world and the problems in his life.

3. The number 3 – Throughout the series we see how much Will is obsessed with the number 3. For example, he has to tap appliances three times to make sure they’re off, he has to divide his food into threes, and he always carries three pieces of candy in his pocket. The number three has special significance for him which the reader finds out about in book 3.

4 Jealousy – Will is a pretty jealous person , especially when it comes to Sonya. We see a slight glimpse of this in book 1, but it really becomes a problem in book 2.

5. Addiction- Will has an addictive personality, but he’s not addicted to things like alcohol and drugs.

6. Attachment – Once he begins to have feelings for Sonya, he quickly becomes attached to her. So quickly, in fact, he almost scares her away.

7. Abandonment – Part of the reason he becomes attached so quickly is because he’s afraid of being abandoned again. He is desperately afraid of being alone.

8. Obsessive – Will is so obsessive about certain things that he’s actually been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

9. Guilt - Will’s parents died coming home from one of his basketball games. Deep down he feels it’s his fault. If they hadn’t come to his game, they might still be alive. You would think this would make him not play basketball anymore, yet it has the opposite effect. See, he won that game and the last image he has of his parents are their happy and proud faces after the game. So he continues to play, sometimes obsessively, so he can recall that image.

10. Alcohol – Will hates alcoholic beverages with a passion. His parents were killed by a drunk driver and his sister happens to be an alcoholic.

So these are the things that Will Maddox has to deal with. For a long time he believes Sonya is all he needs, but as things get worse will he be strong enough to get the help he actually needs? Find out in future books of the Dancing Dream series.

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